"Be who you want to be

tomorrow, today!"

Hello!  I’m Bethany Rose Maier. I am a Designer & an Artist..but not always in that order. Being able to handle both of these roles has proven quite beneficial thus far. Communicating clear & concise ideas which are relevant is one of my specialties.  Let me show you some of my skill-sets.




                   • Painter 12

                      • Google Sites

                                     • Google Docs

                                          • Sketch

                                          • After Effects

                                          • Power Point

                                         • Excel

                • Adobe Photoshop

                    • Adobe Illustrator

                      • Adobe InDesign

                          • Adobe Muse

                        • Edge Animate

             • Word

           • Corel Painter

           • Adobe Lightroom

           • Adobe Bridge

           • Experience Design

           • And still learning more...


I’m looking to be a contributing

member of a full-time design team…one in which the

values of knowledge sharing  &  communication are integral.

I  would   love for  EVERY project  I work on to challenge me... pushing me farther

than  the one  before. A place where creative  solutions  and good  design live. I’m

looking  to  be  a   contributing   member  of  a  full-time  design  team…one in which the  values  of

knowledge   sharing  &   communication are   integral.  I would  love  for  EVERY project I work on  to challenge me...

pushing  me  farther  than  the  one  before.   A place where  creative  solutions   and  good design live. I’m looking to

 be  a  contributing  member  of  a full-time  design  team…one  in  which  the   values   of knowledge  sharing & communication are

integral.   I would   love  for  EVERY  project  I work  on  to challenge   me  . . .  pushing   me   farther   than   the   one   before.   A   place   where

creative  solutions and good design live.  I’m looking  to be a   contributing   member of a full-time design team …one in which the  values  of

knowledge  sharing & communication are  integral.  I  would  love  for  EVERY  project I  work  on  to  challenge me ...  pushing  me  farther  than  the  one  before.  A  place  where  creative solutions

and good design live I’m looking to be a  contributing  member.

 Bethany•Rose Maier San Francisco